Director of Logistics & Resources, Board Secretary

Jason Schlotmann

Board Secretary and staff Director of Logistics & Resources, Jason Schlotmann has coordinated travel, logistics, and supplies for volunteers, trainers, and employees of Concilium since its inception in 2014.

He accepted Christ as his personal Lord and Savior when he was a child. The death of his mother helped him pursue and find the unconditional love of Christ and he makes it a priority to make sure he is always spreading and sharing that love with others in all he says and does.

In 2007, after graduating high school, Jason attended Fusion and graduated from Midwestern Baptist College with a Bachelor’s degree in Christian Ministry with a Cross Cultural Studies focus. He served as a team leader with Fusion for three years and it was during this time that he began to develop and hone his skill in international service.

Jason has done ministry, disaster relief, and humanitarian work in over 20 countries including Senegal, India, Kosovo, Haiti/Dominican Republic, Myanmar, Libya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Peru, Serbia, Turkey, Nepal and Bangladesh.

Jason is a Red Cross Certified Instructor and currently lives in Missouri.