Great commission pursuit flowing from greatest commandment obedience


Concilium provides leadership, training, and guidance to individuals, churches, ministries, and NGOs, transforming the way these organizations think about and respond to the varied and ongoing challenges of mission and service.
This change is accomplished through promoting a biblical understanding of best practices in security, crisis and risk management, and member care, as well as how to think strategically about Gospel advance.

Moreover, Concilium seeks to challenge followers of Jesus of all ages to aspire to something more: a call to spiritual maturity that strengthens resilience in personal witness and wisdom in testimony, empowering each one to live their lives defined by their identity in Christ, which in turn dictates the actions they take in service to Him.

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Concilium Care provides training, tools, resources, and consulting for individuals, families, and organizations for the purpose of increased capacity and enhanced resiliency in spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental stewardship.
This Biblically based approach to self and team stewardship and member care creates longevity in Kingdom building mission and Gospel advance so others may hear and live.

Concilium Care recognizes an organization that is built on a solid foundation of communication and prayer with a healthy and growing leadership and team dynamic, Biblical conflict resolution and restoration, and humility of spirit in service reflects the character of Christ and empowers each individual or family to thrive in their Kingdom building commission.

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Concilium takes the work of the Watchman in Ezekiel 33:1-6 very seriously.
In this role, our watchmen are constantly collecting, producing, and disseminating real-time security information, open-source intelligence analysis, and complex humanitarian emergency (CHE) best practices and subscription based reports to personnel and partners in the greater faith-based community.

Concilium regularly hosts and coordinates open-source intelligence analysis and security working groups composed of leaders from more than 50 sending agecies, helping them to collaborate and understand the threats facing their organizations and their personnel.

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