Concilium Europe

Training in Europe for International Organisations

In Europe, for the World

Concilium Europe brings to bear the global resources of Concilium with a global cadre who keenly understand the culture and ethos of international Christian organisations.

The experience of Concilium Europe’s cadre is second to none. They provide Christian missionary and humanitarian agencies a unique perspective on risk and the Gospel, and help Christian workers better count the cost of obedience.

Concilium Europe provides:

Personal security training that is biblically based and Gospel centered for Christian missionaries, humanitarians, and other Gospel workers.

Organisational security and crisis management training that develops not only policy and procedures, but also culture and ethos inside Christian organisations.

Security and crisis management consulting services for individuals, families, and organisations.

“[Concilium’s] trainers don’t recite material; they speak from experience through the material. They can go off script and bring relevant stories with great application!”CAST, Bosnia