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Crisis Management Foundations Course

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A well planned and practiced crisis management program implemented by responsive and trained leadership is the key to wisely resolving crisis situations and minimizing current and future risk to organizational personnel in the field.

Crisis Management Foundations by Concilium Respond provides crisis management program development, guidance through crisis policy creation, procedures, and programming, and interactive table-top exercises for leadership and staff at home and abroad who manage and mitigate organizational crises.

Table-top exercises include interactive role-plays simulating interaction with various players and actors in a crisis including; FBI, State Department, Family Members, Insurance Providers, Seconded Organizations, Hostage Takers, Foreign Governments, and more.

Crisis Management Foundation’s table-top exercise can last several hours or, if held simultaneously with a CAST-FSC, several days. Pairing the two courses allows for “live-action real time” scenarios to truly test crisis management skills.

Upon completion of Crisis Management Foundations, course attendees will know how to create an organizational framework for crisis management procedures, understand their organization’s duty of care for personnel, create field driven plans for responding to “likely” incidents, and develop organization specific staff family, media, and government communication touch points.

Course Modules:

  • Introduction to Crisis Management
  • Theology of Risk
  • Risk Assessment: Identifying your Vulnerabilities
  • Risk Mitigation & Contingency Planning
  • 7 Principles of Crisis Management
  • Crisis Management Teams
  • Crisis Communication
  • Crisis Scenario/Tabletop Exercise(s) (4-6 hours)
  • Debrief and Assessment

Other Modules available:

  • Developing a Risk Management Policy Manual
  • Creating Emergency Action Plans
  • Effectively Using Crisis Manuals and EAP’s
  • Engaging Crisis Consultants and Hostage Negotiators

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