Concilium Advanced Security Training


CAST (Concilium Advanced Security Training) is a 2-day course that focuses on threat assessment, abatement, and mitigation.

CAST provides primary safety and security skills for individuals and teams in the field, including team members, spouses, adolescents, and mature children.


In addition to interactive classroom training, CAST adds hands-on experiential learning teaching students first-hand techniques for mitigating and abating crime through stress inoculation role play.

Through the CAST program, students learn and practice ethical decision making while under duress through unique and proprietary role play opportunities.

Course Modules

  • Understanding Theology of Risk
  • Living Personal Security in the Context of Ministry
  • Identification and Abatement of Personal Threat
  • Hostile Observation Awareness and Surveillance Detection Primer
  • Answering Questions: Dealing with Interviews, Screenings, and Interrogations
  • Dealing with Violence in the Vehicle
  • OODA, Accountability, and Ethical Decision Making While Under Duress (Role Play)
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