Field Security Course


CAST-Field Security Course is a 3.5-day course that includes the entire CAST Program and integrates hands-on field training and immersion role play scenarios.

CAST-FSC provides primary safety, security, and crisis resilience skills for individuals and teams in the field, including team members, spouses, adolescents, and mature children.

A modified 3-day version of the CAST-FSC features all modules except the 10-hour immersion experience.


In addition to interactive classroom training, CAST-FSC adds hands-on experiential learning teaching students first-hand techniques for mitigating and abating crime through stress inoculation role play.

Through the CAST-FSC program, students learn and practice ethical decision making while under duress through unique and proprietary role play opportunities.

Course Modules

  • Understanding Theology of Risk
  • Living Personal Security in the Context of Ministry
  • Identification and Abatement of Personal Threat
  • Hostile Observation Awareness and Surveillance Detection Primer
  • Simple Truthful Statements: Interviews, Screenings, and Interrogations
  • Government Vehicle Checkpoints and Criminal Vehicle Ambush
  • OODA, Accountability, and Ethical Decision Making While Under Duress (Role Play)
  • Hostage Survival
  • Active Shooter Action Drills
  • Evasive/Defensive Driver Training
  • Weapons Familiarization and Safety Training (for purposes of rendering common weapons safe)
  • 10-hour Government/Criminal Immersion Experience
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